Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'll Never Grow Up

Once a year the classic Peter Peter was on television. In the same way that every generation claims I Love Lucy we thought this play was our show. There was just something about the enchantment of Never Never Land, Peter, The Lost Boys and Wendy. Even the dastardly Captain Hook had charm.

Peter was the hero or should I say “my” hero. Wendy was a tramp, I didn’t like her one bit. Jealousy can be a green-eyed monster. She did have a gentle warm way with the Lost Boys though and I could relate to her mother instinct. After all, I was the surrogate mom to my own two little brothers.

No matter how many times you saw it before, watching the play, singing the songs, and waiting for the climatic ending was still a euphoric and amazing experience. However, the memorable part came when the credits were rolling. We seemed to all jump up simultaneously and get up on the chairs and furniture leaping from piece to piece as if we were “flying”. We acted out the kidnappings, the sword fights, walking the plank, Tinkerbelle” s illness and the Crocks last mistake.

It went off the air for many years and one day I saw where they were rebroadcasting the original version. It was the “80’s”. Wow, I couldn’t wait to experience it with my own kids. I talked about it for weeks before it was to air. But alas, it was a huge flop with Annie & Jaime. They couldn’t understand what the heck all the fuss was about. I had forgotten they were from the fast forward, violent video game, instant replay generation. I still remember the sting when they more or less said it was really lame. As they walked down the hall to their rooms, I jumped up on the couch and flew from chair to chair as I sang “I’ll Never Grow Up."