Monday, July 30, 2012

Things I Pondered on Vacation.

Fast food joints, restaurants, hotels, resorts ... GET RID OF YOUR SILK FLOWERS most of them are faded pieces of crap.

There are too many trickle down cuts because of economy. Hotels used to automatically give you freebies, clean towels and other amenities. Now you get the toilet paper left over from the previous customer but it has a fancy triangular fold at the end. You request the razor you forgot and you make your own coffee.

Consumers are made to feel guilty if they want clean towels, sheets daily. Little cards promoting “green” choices make you think twice about requesting water at your meals for fear you will get a server “eye roll”.

Restaurants make people wait for over an hour. When they finally are able to go into the restaurant it has many empty tables. The real reason for the wait is they do not have enough help to handle the people.

Parking spaces are limited. If someone parks in the condo garage without a sticker there is not enough help to enforce it. Consequently, one wastes a lot of vacation time riding around the block.

But the thing I “pondered” the most is none of these things matter when you are sharing time with family you love.