Friday, August 10, 2012

Not My Fault

Today I received a letter in the mail that my license was suspended. Of course, the driving school where I went to class last month did not send my paperwork into the Clerk of Courts. This was another case of “Murphy’s Law” for me. The letter said I had to pay $60 to have my license reinstated.

The Clerk of Courts is at the DMV in the Court House so when you get there you must pass through a metal detector and they X-Ray your purse. Fred was with me and he had not prepared me that this would happen. At least when I go to an airport I can prepare.

The guard told me I had tweezers in my purse. So I struggled to find them fishing in this pocket and the next one. When found, she said there were TWO more tweezers shown on the machine. Fred was patiently waiting but I immediately saw his eyes roll when I rummaged once again finally dumping the whole bag on their table. Three tweezers, an eyeglass screwdriver, rosary beads, tape measure, paper clips, and metal ring later they let me pass through.The confiscated the tweezers. Maybe they know how irate people get waiting at DMV and how tweezers could be lethal.

The rest of the trip turned out OK because I didn’t have to pay $60 for my license. They said it wasn’t my fault. Finally, something that was not my fault.