Monday, April 29, 2013

God is Good.

Each day I wake up I know that God is good. It doesn’t matter that we are stuck in a hotel room for a month. One of the things I know is as long as you keep dreaming all is well. When I breathe in the spring air it feels like home. Mayberry life appeals to Fred and me too. Fred is very happy so far with his new job.

Annie is a tutor at lunch several times a week and I get to watch Ellerie for a short while. She used to sit with her dad in his classroom. Today she said she loved me more than “April showers bring May flowers”. We spent an hour playing with Polly Pockets. She also said I like when you watch me because I have to be quiet in daddy’s classroom.

Abbie is growing into quite the young lady. I promised her a room she does not have to share at my new house. She has been planning out furniture placement and colors with me. On my birthday I wore the outfit she picked for me last year and she was so tickled.

Ethan has baseball. Watching the team play is like a real life “Bad News Bears” There was a time out called because left field had to go to the were afraid to slide into home and some booing at the umpires. It brought back memories of the many games I watched my brothers play.

While I do not know all that God has planned for me, I know that it is all-good.