Saturday, July 24, 2010

On Demand

Thirty years ago, “On Demand” was how I described my parenting style as a nursing mom; baby cries = pick up baby. Now it has a whole new meaning and I love it. I can fast forward through a commercial or see an entire season of a show in a weekend. Anything where I can have total control gets an A+ in my book.

Every day I look through the menu “On Demand” and see what shows I can get caught up on or just find out what all the fuss is about. I got hooked last year and found “ Royal Pains” and “Drop Dead Diva”. That is when I became absorbed in“Mad Men” too. (As an aside, Don Draper gets my vote for the next James Bond)

During the school year I do not have any time for leisure TV. Bedtimes are early just because of sheer exhaustion after a commute, cooking dinner, grading papers etc. But summer, that’s vacation mode ... staying up late, sleeping in, projects, and “On Demand”. There are so many movies that are chick flicks or just not Fred’s style. I can clean out all the kitchen drawers or go through a stack of ironing and watch episode after episode of design shows and home improvement segments.

When friends come over with their children I don’t need to pull out the babysitting videos, I just zap to channel 1. Modern day’s version of on demand parenting is a lot easier and no saggy boobs as an after affect.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Refrigerator Pic

Many years ago I was reading some article or self help book (who knows? ) that said you have to visualize something to make it happen. That was the start of a crazy habit. Whenever I wanted something I could not afford I would rip the picture out of a magazine and put in on the refrigerator.

I think I did not want to anger the Visualization gods as I made sure I only had one dream picture at a time posted. In the last 13 years I had a picture of a dog, porch, a PT Cruiser, laminate floors, wood floors, an HHR, granite tops in my kitchen, a shore vacation picture and other wants not needs. Amazingly, all came to fruition.

I opted to not put a picture of a thinner me. I was too afraid I would jinx myself. But this last round of medication and lack of exercise has really packed the pounds on this 4”11” frame. My new shorter haircut makes me look & feel like Petunia Pig.
It is time to look for that realistic photo that would match my 59 years. I don’t want to lose the required 40 pounds to meet the Weight Watcher goal but 15 pounds would be nice. Diet starts today.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Traveling with Mom

“Where is my pocketbook?”
“Right here mom.”

“Where are the tissues?”
“Right here mom.”

“Mom, step up”

“Mom, step down.”

“No, mom it is not time for your pills.”

“No mom, no one came in and shook you.”

“I didn’t sleep all night.”

"Annie needs to put clothes on Ellerie."

“Where is my cane?”

“No mom, wrong car.”

“I changed my mind, I don’t want that.”

“Mom, that is the soap dispenser, not the hand dryer.”

“I didn’t sleep, it felt like Alaska.”

“Is it time for my pills?”

“Where is my pocketbook?”
“Right here mom.”

“There are two mens' room and no womens' room”
“Turn your head mom, you will see the W-O.”

“I lost my dollars for church.”

After twenty minutes selecting meal, every time my meal was delivered: “Oh, they had that, I would have ordered that.”

Last but not least, how is it that a person who you have to remind to change clothes, take a bath, wash hair will NOT sit down on toilet seat in a public restroom and has the wear-with-all to swipe hotel towels?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation blogs

Vacation and grandchildren give you a string of blog topics. I didn't want to waste any time during vacation so I have decided to reflect back on a few memorable moments.

Ten hours a day in a crowded car with the hot sun beating in.... decided to blog and reflect. No computer so I guess scrap paper will do.

A little over two weeks ago my angst was trying to find my husband who was MIA the day I started to pack the car. Why oh why do men procrastinate to do things they want to do? For example, Fred waited in line hours in the AAA office to get maps and trip tickets, a tradition I thought we would forgo this year. After all, I had the I phone with a GPS. He returned to the house with a bag filled with tour books of every state we would be driving through. (passing through not stopping) There was one odd size very big book and I inquired: “What’s that?”

Like a kid with a proud report card, Fred said: “That is a book that tells every dog friendly motel in the U.S. and it only costs $10.00.”

Are you kidding me? Flash forward to the trip home. We pack the car again and venture out with leftover food, beer, wine, souvenirs, extra clothes the grandkids left behind. We had to say goodbye to two beach chairs. They had served us well. I thought we were going to have to put my mother on a chair on the roof like “Chevy Chase did in the movie Vacation.” Off we went on the next leg of trip to Pennsylvania and a family reunion.

But the kicker is this. Remember the trip ticket? Fred decided he didn’t want to go the AAA route. He wanted to go HIS way. He thought his way would be faster. After many years, the landscape of the area did not look the same and he missed a turn, we lost an hour’s drive. My cell phone was dead with all the “R U????” texts from our children who left a few hours ahead of us. It was extremely frustrating.

Fred also waited until the last minute and could not get us a reservation so we had to invade his sister’s house and really put her out. Oh well at least we know they were pet friendly.