Saturday, July 24, 2010

On Demand

Thirty years ago, “On Demand” was how I described my parenting style as a nursing mom; baby cries = pick up baby. Now it has a whole new meaning and I love it. I can fast forward through a commercial or see an entire season of a show in a weekend. Anything where I can have total control gets an A+ in my book.

Every day I look through the menu “On Demand” and see what shows I can get caught up on or just find out what all the fuss is about. I got hooked last year and found “ Royal Pains” and “Drop Dead Diva”. That is when I became absorbed in“Mad Men” too. (As an aside, Don Draper gets my vote for the next James Bond)

During the school year I do not have any time for leisure TV. Bedtimes are early just because of sheer exhaustion after a commute, cooking dinner, grading papers etc. But summer, that’s vacation mode ... staying up late, sleeping in, projects, and “On Demand”. There are so many movies that are chick flicks or just not Fred’s style. I can clean out all the kitchen drawers or go through a stack of ironing and watch episode after episode of design shows and home improvement segments.

When friends come over with their children I don’t need to pull out the babysitting videos, I just zap to channel 1. Modern day’s version of on demand parenting is a lot easier and no saggy boobs as an after affect.

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  1. Love Tivo'ing too......only time it sucks is when the box crashes and 4 years worth of kids shows are lost!!!!!