Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Traveling with Mom

“Where is my pocketbook?”
“Right here mom.”

“Where are the tissues?”
“Right here mom.”

“Mom, step up”

“Mom, step down.”

“No, mom it is not time for your pills.”

“No mom, no one came in and shook you.”

“I didn’t sleep all night.”

"Annie needs to put clothes on Ellerie."

“Where is my cane?”

“No mom, wrong car.”

“I changed my mind, I don’t want that.”

“Mom, that is the soap dispenser, not the hand dryer.”

“I didn’t sleep, it felt like Alaska.”

“Is it time for my pills?”

“Where is my pocketbook?”
“Right here mom.”

“There are two mens' room and no womens' room”
“Turn your head mom, you will see the W-O.”

“I lost my dollars for church.”

After twenty minutes selecting meal, every time my meal was delivered: “Oh, they had that, I would have ordered that.”

Last but not least, how is it that a person who you have to remind to change clothes, take a bath, wash hair will NOT sit down on toilet seat in a public restroom and has the wear-with-all to swipe hotel towels?


  1. One day this will be you and me!lol In fact, I can't find my pocketbook, keys, checkbook, bills .... many days. Last week I walked into the men's room by mistake. Yikes!!!!!

  2. Were you saying the baby was naked or was she? I think it was her, but I couldn't tell the way you wrote it. Reminds of how I have to talk to El.

  3. I think the above is conducive to many thoughts and actions of the elderly and yes Annie, it also reminds me of how I talked to my kindergarten class. Unfortunately, all of us have to get old (if we are lucky) and very few of us in our old age do not exhibit the above. Heck, I am exhibiting many actions like the above at the old age of 57! (??) I am worried! lol. Reading your blogs bring insights to my thoughts and feelings. Have a good week Laurie and Annie #1 and Annie #2.