Friday, July 16, 2010

Refrigerator Pic

Many years ago I was reading some article or self help book (who knows? ) that said you have to visualize something to make it happen. That was the start of a crazy habit. Whenever I wanted something I could not afford I would rip the picture out of a magazine and put in on the refrigerator.

I think I did not want to anger the Visualization gods as I made sure I only had one dream picture at a time posted. In the last 13 years I had a picture of a dog, porch, a PT Cruiser, laminate floors, wood floors, an HHR, granite tops in my kitchen, a shore vacation picture and other wants not needs. Amazingly, all came to fruition.

I opted to not put a picture of a thinner me. I was too afraid I would jinx myself. But this last round of medication and lack of exercise has really packed the pounds on this 4”11” frame. My new shorter haircut makes me look & feel like Petunia Pig.
It is time to look for that realistic photo that would match my 59 years. I don’t want to lose the required 40 pounds to meet the Weight Watcher goal but 15 pounds would be nice. Diet starts today.

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