Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not Just a Grill Man Anymore

Six years ago my husband Fred was in nursing school pursuing a new career. I was the “bread winner” and held down the fort. I would often come home late from work dragging.

We made changes in our lives and especially in our budget. Fred took over shopping and learned how to cook. Prior to this time he only was a grill man.

A few years later, after he graduated and we started our new life and I thought why take back the shopping? I never liked it. Fred has come a long way. The first time he shopped he came home with a dozen boxes of pudding and he forgot to buy meat.

Now he clips coupons, watches sales and plans menus. The man cannot pass up a buy one get one free no matter what the product is.

He also is much more than a “grill man”. Last week I came home and he had cooked a turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables and homemade cole slaw. I was very impressed. However, Fred was mad because the store did not have pumpkin. He was going to attempt to make pies. That is something I know I will remember at Thanksgiving.

It is so nice to have more than a “grill man”. Fred mastered my Italian sauce and makes a tasty pot roast but my favorite will always be his omelets. They are to die for.


  1. You have a gem there cousin!!! (In all ways)

  2. I second the omelet. YOu are making me hungry for one and I don't have eggs around because of El.