Saturday, March 27, 2010


Blind-side: to catch unaware

Watched the movie twice already and the messages are powerful. There are times in our life when we are blindsided by an event or happening. I can relate. That is how I felt when mom came for a visit, had her stroke and we became her caretakers.

Sandra Bullock did a great job portraying a woman who in my terms “walked the walk”.  Her family reached out to a young man who had no one and made him a genuine member of their family. It had a real fairy tale ending.

My fairy tale ending would be that my mom would wake up and be happy to live in Sunny Florida. She would be happy to have a nice room, three cooked meals and people who take care of her and love her. But then I would really be blind-sided.


  1. Mom- You joking does not hide your pain. Please. Please. Do something for yourself. It is time to consider other options for mom mom. And, yes, I know I am calling you out publicly, but I am desperate. I am considering this post a cry for help.

  2. Laurie, on a side note from Annie's message to you, I have watched the movie three times and love it also. What a wonderful true story and makes you believe in the "good" in people. Michael and Leigh Anne are two people I would love to meet. She certainly "walked the walk" and Michael worked so very hard to prove to himself and others that one does not have to be chained to a situation that life deals you. Micheal O signed a 5 year contract with the Baltimore Ravins for 14 million dollars!

  3. I like Donna's does not have to be chained to a situation that life deals you. I'll leave it at that. Love you.