Saturday, January 1, 2011

Deck the Halls or not ???

This year my hand injury limited any Christmas shopping. The doctor revoked my driving privilege and most of my free time was spent in physical therapy. I did manage to write a few checks and do the rest of my shopping on line but I missed the shopping frenzy.

So finally, I decided to venture out not to shop but just to look at the malls. There was a wanting to see the holiday decorations, trains for the kiddies, and large trees adorned colored lights with red bows and colorful bulbs but alas.... what a disappointment.

Both malls visited were winter wonderlands. There were huge white snowflakes, ice sicles, snowmen and silver bulbs everywhere but no red and green anywhere. Large colored gumdrops replaced giant red and white candy canes. Santa’s elaborate chair was there in a spherical shape clear bulb... no elves, no wreaths, and no tree just the photographer making big bucks.

It is bad enough that people have taken Christ out of Christmas but the worry about political correctness is just spoiling the whole season. Even the canned music was selective. You can be sure you didn’t hear “Away in a Manger”.

It is not like this in the north. In the past, when visiting my girls in Ohio and also NJ you see the spirit of Christmas in their shopping plazas and down town. Christmas carols are blasting from store to store. The main streets have lights aglow, wreaths and garland strung from pole to pole.

There must be plenty of people here in Florida who noticed the absence of red and green because the people who decorate their homes go crazy. It is almost like a subconscious “take this” in the developments. Nine out of ten homes look like the “Griswold’s” and they make up for the sterile malls. Because the weather cooperates the neighborhoods go all out with lights. I almost feel sorry for the one house with blue lights and a little menorah in the window.

The weather in Florida at Christmas is usually like a crisp fall day in north. It is probably closer to the real first biblical Christmas. You never miss the bitter freezing cold or snow. It is a time to enjoy a fire on my porch and sleep with the windows open. When our girls were little we often spent Christmas Day on the beach and Santa would come by in Bermuda shorts and give out candy canes. So these memories sustain me and I am not ready to put the “for sale” sign out and move.... yet the thought did cross my mind.

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