Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why Kids Can't Spell?

CAB memo

PLC are to meet to discuss the target groups ELL (formerly ESOL) or ESE students who did not meet the AYP on the FCAT spring test. The PGP goals must correlate with the SSS and the IFC to comply with the SIT and the SIP Plan. These requirements are to meet the mandates of the NCLB Act.

SS Lessons must follow said IFC using BEEP and the JAT resources. It is important for the children to use said resources in order to transition in later grades to TAJ resources.

SGA/PC /HS /FFEA/SADD and MICRO society are all having community service projects and collections this week.

SAC and SAF are meeting to discuss the BEF grants that can be used to fund SEAS field trips and the ETS at our school. BRACE and BRITE will also contribute to these funds.

BEACON and BVU have arranged to have workshops on FCAT explorer and VC and PMP here on workday and PTSA will sponsor lunch to celebrate NE week.

BTU will meet in the afternoon to discuss FAQ about the EASE and some of the problems that come up logging into ESS and they will also contact HRD and ERP.

SIU will investigate the cell phone and I phone thefts using the video monitor system.

Also 40% of the kids on 601, have H1N1 and will miss the BAT next week or is the BATTY?

To be honest fellow BCPS educators, I have about twenty more but I am exhausted.

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