Saturday, December 5, 2009

Basking in the Light

There are so many times when we are rushed and do not take time to bask in the light. I am lucky I live in Florida, the Sunshine State. There are days when I need to let the light in my life. You know the kind of day, flat tire, late to work, rushing through traffic to get home. But, I only have to walk outside and look to the sky and know God is with me, I can feel His warmth kissing my face and I am at peace.

I love decorating for Christmas. Each year I try to do something a little different. I recycle old ornaments and use them in my classroom or donate them to a new teacher who has no shiny ornaments or menorahs to display. My tree and home look so warm and inviting with holiday lights. At night, I do not want to go upstairs. I just want to bask in the light and I am at peace.

Our porch has a chimney where I can light a fire. Yes, it is Florida but our December feels a bit brisk at night a lot like fall up north. It is my favorite month of year down here. So I bask in the light of the fire and I am at peace.

This week, we have enjoyed the light of a full moon so bright you wake up and look outside and swear it is morning. It is an awesome light and I am at peace.

Sometimes, the light comes from people who you love like your husband, children, grand children and friends. It radiates from their eyes when they run to greet you. I see the light and I am at peace.

I look forward to the peace and love of the holidays and basking in the light.

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