Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Memories to Sustain Me Through the Year

I can never get enough of Christmas. It is a tonic, like a B 12 shot. The grandbabies are hysterical and brutally honest. They tell you if you are fat, if your hair looks bad, if your clothes look funny and then they top it off with how much they love and miss you.

You get to decorate the tree over and over and over again because Ellerie keeps taking off the bottom ornaments. I have watched Shrek the Halls every day and it kind of grows on you. Princess Fiona is starting to actually look pretty in her winter hat.

I love watching the girls brush Pap Pap’s hair and adorn his head with a princess headband. Ethan is going to have his own HBO comedy special one day. He is a riot. Today he announced in that he has a lot of energy and there is only one way to get rid of it. He has to “fart” to let out gas.

We started a new tradition this past summer. Grammy & Pap Pap taking the kids to a movie. Today’s adventure was Disney’s new Princess & the Frog. We loved all the New Orleans references and totally enjoyed the story. Fred said he was homesick for New Orleans. Personally, I think it is the “Biegnets” he is missing.

Annie seems to have a little of her mom in her. She had a craft party for Abbie and 9 eight-year-old friends. They made a huge glittery mess in basement and decorated a tree for a local senior center. Then Annie realized the tree was too big to take up stairs and out the door so we had to undecorate it and come up with a smaller tree to decorate for the center.

Paul was the chef tonight and made us some red hot chili from an internet recipe. It tasted wonderful and really cleared our sinuses. Only a few more days and my NJ adventure will begin with our grandson Luke. I can’t wait.

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