Friday, January 1, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Taking whirlwind trips have been part of our life for years. We have lived away from our hometowns most of our married lives. Now that our girls have grown and are living in different states the holiday road trips continue. Things have changed though but somehow oddly remain the same.

No more AAA trip tickets we have a GPS on the phone. (Thank God, because we all know real men don’t ask for directions) Baby food in coolers… replaced by dog food. Pampers replaced by depends for mom mom. No bags of car toys but doggie toys and rosary beads.  We still pack the stocking stuffers but alas perfumes, jewelry and the like were replaced with corn pads, muscle rub and pill containers. Now that can be a downer.

Our don’t forget check lists forgo things like curlers, cameras, electric razors but now include phones, computers, chargers, I pods, Fred’s pills, my mom’s pills and my meds. Also, the emergency medication lists in case anyone takes a trip to ER. The dog’s license and shot information is important in case Cappy needs to go to a vet; he is also a senior now. Oh I almost forgot, I pack the “Bed Buddy” warmer and use microwaves at gas station marts to heat it up. Fred used to be the only Bed Buddy I needed when we were young.

My reading magazines like Country Living, Country Home were replaced by self help books to help me analyze who I am, how I got this way and if there is any hope for me.

All in all, I would do it over again, dreaded packing, brave snow, sleet rain and the like to see the smiling faces of the people I love.
The Stones: Paul, Annie, Abbie, Ethan, Ellerie
The Staneks: James, Jaime and Luke.
Thanks for the Memories


  1. As usual well stated and thoroughly enjoyable!!!

  2. Love this post and as Annie would say, "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE" your new profile picture of you two lovebirds. Stay happy always, my wonderful cousins.