Friday, January 22, 2010


There is such a weird feeling after you put away your holiday decorations. I think it has something to do with texture. You know how the home improvement shows are always talking about texture. Once the trees, wreaths and Poinsettias are gone, the house looks naked. I mean stripped. It is no wonder people get depression or winter blues.

For me I have trouble remembering where I relocated my accessories. Next year I am going to write down where I put them. One year, it was six months before I found some of them. I had put them in a Christmas box I emptied out and then it was packed away as holiday decorations. For the longest time I thought I must have sold them at one of my desperate yard sales.

For weeks after I put away everything, I keep finding things. I look up and see a little elf or ornament. I am sure that is how the author of the “Elf on the Shelf” got the idea. She was probably sitting on the toilet in July and looked up and saw a Christmas decoration she left on the shelf. Why didn’t I think of that? She has made a lot of money on that children’s story. It is a new classic.

One good thing is even though you haven’t really cleaned, the sheer emptiness of your rooms makes it look like you have. It is a great fake out. Today, I skipped the mopping and just walked around the house looking for texture. I ended up bringing in a couple plants from outdoors, throwing a blanket over the couch and picked my dog up and put him on the couch...Yep, looks like texture to me. Mopping can wait.

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