Monday, February 1, 2010

Test Prep

Today, on my morning commute I was behind a creeper. I immediately thought maybe it was an elderly snowbird crawling along.  Recently, I seem to be prejudice against older folks. To my surprise and amazement, when I passed the vehicle I could not believe my eyes. The driver was READING. It looked like he was studying for a test.

Now I have seen people on cell phones, with earphones, shaving and reading maps but this was different. We were not in a traffic jam. The traffic was flowing ...moving except for the middle lane where the offender was driving along. What could be so important that you risk your life and the lives of other people? Back in the day, I would have honked and made a face but in South Florida someone might pull a gun out and shoot you.

Sadly, you will probably fail your test because anyone as stupid as you could not pass. I am sure you waited until the last minute to study and procrastinated and now you are cramming. A very bad habit, that I am sure started back in the sixth grade.

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