Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here We Come Mickey

There is just something about Disney. One of the biggest regrets of my life is that I did not go on a trip south with my dad one year and go to Disney when it first opened. It is a vivid memory, the animation in his eyes when he showed us the home movies he took of Disney’s main street. Once I went there, I became the animated member of our clan.

Many years later, our first family trip was with two very small children. Jaime was still in a stroller and I remember her crying over and over because there were no rides for her. Disney since has fixed that and they have an entire area for little ones. Each new park fixed the mistakes of the previous one. Now long lines have mist sprits you when it is hot. They have fast passes to help with the wait. There are air-conditioned spirals that go on forever but at least it is cool.

Once we moved to Florida, Disney became a wonderful familiar place much like our feelings when we would go on the NJ boardwalks; so much so, we became irate and upset the year they covered Cinderella’s castle like a birthday cake in order to renovate. My family just did not want to hear it.

So many memories.... Each time the girl's favorite aunt came to town, she would treat them to a five star hotel and the parks. I have taken several field trips some as the chaperone parent, some as a teacher. I vividly remember Jaime's first roller coaster ride with her fifth grade class. The day before Annie left for college we did a mother-daughter thing at Epcot, a treasured memory logged in my mother's archive.

Now I look forward to a new adventure a sequel to Martin memories of sorts. Both daughters, all four grandbabies oh my. I feel like it is the week before Christmas. Unlike our tent camping experiences of 25 years ago, we will be in style in the Stanek’ s camper ala microwave, shower, kitchen and air.

I am actually dreaming of the different attractions and seeing the reactions of the grandkids roll in my mind like film with a laugh track. It will give me enough fodder for a hundred blogs I am sure.

We used to refer to a lengthy visit at Disney as MMS (Mickey Mouse Syndrome) I am ready with my yellow poncho. Here I come Mickey.

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