Thursday, February 25, 2010


It is hard to believe but some people have been wondering where my blog has been. My grandchildren were in town last week and I was not about to lose one second of time. Our visits are so far in between. Of course I should not forget, grand kids mean I also get to see both of our girls at the same time. What a simple joy.

It wasn’t as bad as usual, the bombardment of what I refer to, as “mom abuse” was minimal. The girls tell me things like how I shouldn’t try to text after “50”. Texting is just not for me. That is why I had the major mess up these past months when I thought LOL meant lots of love. I found out the most current use is Laughing Out Loud. No big deal you say, well it is if you tell your sister you are thinking of her after you find out she broke both legs and then put lol .... Or you find out someone you care about lost her job after 20 years and you say you are in my thoughts lol but the worst was when I wrote a note to a priest and thanked him for his priesthood lol. Annie & Jaime went through a list of other text acronyms and when to use them or not to use them.

But with the “eye rolling” and gentle nudges are the things that really say we love you mom. They tell me I deserve to get my hair done, or nail, toes etc. They encourage me to exercise. Being with Annie & Jaime is a ten, they make me feel like mom. Every now and then they ask for my in put on things and I wonder just a bit if they are patronizing me. I enjoy the reflections of the past. It is funny how we all have a different take on certain memories too even though we were all there at the same time.

Sometimes, I look at my grandkids and they will turn their head a certain way, laugh a certain way, smile and it warms my heart because it zaps me back to days gone by when I was a stay at home mom battling blizzards, scrapping off ice, car pooling, chauffeuring, chaperoning field trips and loving every blessed minute of it all.

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