Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Memories

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to reflect on the past. My first memory is of catholic school. We had to tape a paper lunch bag to our desk and then a few students at a time delivered their cards. You sat there with your heart pounding and you were praying that you would get at least one. It was awful. Thank God when our generation grew up we made sure our children gave every kid a card.

In high school, I had a boyfriend who cheated on me every Valentine’s Day. He would actually go to both of his girlfriend’s houses. Once he came over late with a hickey on his neck. He told me his friend put a vacuum hose up to his neck fooling around.... and I BELIEVED HIM. I was pathetic.

Later, in college it became a warm amazing memory. Fred asked me to marry him just six weeks after we started to date steadily. He left for the army two months later and did not return until the night before we got married. It is a miracle we have made it all these years. We really did not know one another. Our courtship was through the U.S. mail. He never missed one day. He wrote me daily for six months.
I feel in love with him like a mail order bride.

What is your favorite memory?

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  1. Some of My favorite memories were spending time at the Chicken coop with all of you!