Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Straight to Heaven or Hell

There are some inventions and new ideas that are heaven sent. I thought of this as Florida has a cold snap this week and my HHR has a “butt” warmer. This seat warmer is like a cozy blanket on a cold night. LOVE it.

Facebook is another “gift”. Connecting with lost family, friends, co-workers can be a real relationship builder. In our generation we were on the phone constantly tying up lines. Now the kids hooked up via I phone or laptops.

There is a gadget that separates coffee filters I use daily that I love. However, this invention makes me just a little angry because I swear I invented it when I used to wait tables. I used a baby food jar with putty on the bottom to pick up the filters, which is not too different from my gadget.

Thank you to the Egyptians for make up and hair-dye now that I am starting to look my age.

I love white out pens. I use them for a lot of different things besides mistakes, like signing your name on a black art paper, covering chip marks on white walls, writing on rocks, sneakers, ceramic mugs.

But the other side of the coin we have the inventions that drive you up a wall.

My neighbor has wind chimes on her porch and I cannot sleep at night with my windows open.

Safety tops for prescriptions are a real pain. I can’t believe how difficult they are for and adult to open. It is no secret kids CAN get them open faster.

The toilet that saves water. Hello??????? Admit it, it takes two flushes for the early morning ritual so are we really saving any water? I don’t think it keeps the toilet as clean, so I flush more and clean it more. UGH!

The single worst invention of the millennium is the BRA that guy should not pass go and go straight to hell.


  1. I personally like my use of a Sharpie marker to aid in my fight of gray hairs. And bras . . . unfortunately are a necessary evil. Otherwise, we women would walk around with tube socks with a soup can at the bottom for boobs. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. I much prefer my bra and my boobs to have high self esteem rather than go without a bra and have the girls show off their low self esteem. Just saying. :)

  2. Honestly, Laurie you are right on with all of your inventions, good and bad.
    I have the hardest time with the bottle caps, they are so difficult to maneuver. Don't they realize that we do not have the strength that young people do?
    The bra thing is also a pain in the a......