Monday, June 21, 2010

"Moments to Remember"

Why do Grandparents just go goofy over the grandkids? This is an easy one to figure out for me. When they turn their sweet heads a certain way and look up into your eyes it is a blast from the past. It is like for one brief precious moment you get your little one back.

My grandkids are unique in their own way but wow do they possess some of the traits we loved. The precocious spirit of Jaime, Annie’s competitive nature and her sensitive side are just a few memories triggered these past two days; also, their ability to make us LAUGH.

Like last night, we were riding in the car and it was obvious there was a dead skunk in the immediate vicinity. Ellerie who is just two said, “ That was Grammy’s stinker”. It triggered the memory of a time when Jaime had a poopie diaper and I asker her what was that smell? She replied: “ That’s ollution mom”. Since we lived in the city of Cleveland and it was the 70’s I knew she meant pollution and I laughed and laughed.

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