Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pity Party

“Pity Party”
This week I posted a short blog saying I was closing down my page only to have two faithful followers chastise me for having a pity party. My daughters Annie and Jaime are adamant that I need to continue because I love to write.

Secretly, they know if I rage on about trivial mundane things it might save them from the ranting later in the day when we speak on our daily phone call. So Ok, I shall plod forward and continue.

Or maybe, it was the Gag Award I won at school, “Most Likely to Write for Saturday Night Live”.


  1. It is not that it is about not wanting to hear you rant. It is that the only audience that you need to worry about is YOU. Who cares about followers? or comments? Sure they are nice, but isn't it more about the feeling of getting your thoughts down and complete?? Isn't it about the clarity you feel about a situation after you have processed it in your own way?

  2. Do NOT stop!!! Please!!!! I just created a Google Account just to make sure I could post!