Friday, June 24, 2011

Simple as ABCs

It will be a real miracle if we stay in relationship after these past two weeks home together.

For years we have had an inside joke that Fred needs to stay out of my drawers. No, not my “pants” but my file drawers.

He just doesn’t get my system. It would just be so much easier if he asked me for something than root through the files on his own. Eventually he will call to me after I say “What are you looking for now?”

The Allstate file, he calls back.

It’s in the file marked “C”.

What??????? He questions like it doesn’t make sense.

“C” I pause, “for car”

Next day, where is the AT & T? Fred sighs.

It is in “U” for utilities.

Today, he wanted the Discover Card file, He yelled, “I already looked in “C” for Credit cards but it is not there. I found it in this file with no tab.”

I retorted, “Is it Orange???” ..... He will just never get my system.

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