Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vacations are like looking in a mirror.

Sometimes you learn things you like and sometimes you learn what you don’t.

I felt like I was on the show “Intervention” when my family made me aware:

I don’t know how to properly put on sunscreen.

Who gets a perm in the middle of summer???

My clothes would fit better if I were measured for a bra.

My toes are too gross to color.

I walk way too slow.

My boobs should NEVER be photographed in a bathing suit.

I have trouble making Kraft Mac n Cheese.

Apparently, I have a unibrow.

I still get drunk on one drink.

But these things I do know:

I admire Annie’s sophisticated Shabby Chic, her patience and parenting skills.

Paul ate wings every day.

Abbie is nurturing, sensitive and likes to compete like her mom & dad.

Paul ate wings every day.

I am in awe of Ethan’s math & rummy skills and ability to make you feel special.

Paul ate wings every day.

Ellerie’s impish twinkle makes me melt and she is the textbook youngest child.

Paul ate wings every day.

Martin reunions are still a hoot and everyone likes to party.

Paul ate wings every day.

Fred is my number one fan no matter what.

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