Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trickle Down

This summer I have noticed so many things that I believe speak to the drastic turn in our economy. Budget cuts and job cuts are starting to really surface in our mental health and welfare in ways you might not imagine.

I was eating in a once beautiful hospital cafeteria. The atrium had faded artificial silk flowers that had turned an ugly bluish color. The soothing fountain near the dining tables was no longer flowing. The windows were cloudy and streaked. All probably reflecting someone’s maintenance job that was phased out no doubt.

Even a trip to the local grocery store has changed. The store used to have daily window washers and workers out in lot picking up paper and trash and getting the store ready for the day at 6:00 a m. Now, you see trash everywhere and carts strewn about in the rain rusting so when you use them they are hard to operate and noisy. Their squeak another reminder the quality of our life is being affected in subtle ways. The thing I really miss is the complimentary coffee while you shop.

Even Mother Nature has contributed to our depression. No rain and drought conditions have us under water restrictions. Once manicured lawns look bleak and brown. Waterfalls and fountains outside of developments are only working on weekends. In some areas it reminds me of the old movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Senior citizens are on budgets that require deciding between electric bills and medications. People are using credit cards to buy food, pay mortgages, doctor bills, car repairs and going deeper in debt. It is so sad.

This week I saw a grown man cry at our vet because his dog needed Chemotherapy and he could not afford it. Another man had a cat that was having seizures and needed a script refill. The vet couldn’t do it without the $50 physical. The man left with his head down.

I need to look to these changes and remind myself of the many blessings I still have. I have a hospital, doctors, and stores. I have a job I love, food to eat, medicine. I have family and friends who care and love me.

I have decided to look to the sun. The warmth is a gentle reminder of God’s power. I will imagine each warm ray God’s hand like a Father’s touch and give thanks.

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