Monday, December 26, 2011

For Health

Reconnecting with people on face book spurs memories that have been buried in the back of your mind like the comedic stuffed closet where everything falls on your head when the door opens. It is also similar to when your mind floods with flashbacks when an old song is played on the radio.

That happens often these days. My recent memory spark came when my daughter sent me a simple little magnet for an extra Christmas gift. It had a picture of “Lucy” on it drinking Vitameatavegamin. I instantly knew her reference.

When Annie was in the fifth grade she left for school at 8:45. One day, the rerun of the above mentioned episode was on. I had to go to work but told Annie stay and go late to school. She argued she would get in trouble but I would have none of it. She had to stay and watch the classic. I promptly wrote her a note where I truthfully told the real reason she was late; knowing her teacher was a character and would indeed excuse her. He did.

But the most significant treasure in this spark is knowing that a cherished memory had been passed down to my grandchildren and I could hear them giggle and laugh at how silly Grammy is sometime.

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