Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Dog's New Age

This week I was listening to the morning news show when they had one of their human-interest stories. It seems the way we calculated our dog’s age in the past is now out and there is a new dog age calculator. You remember, multiply the human years by seven. Cappy would be 42.
For those of you who are math challenged, you can just “Google” dog age calculator and it will pop up. You just plug in the age of your pet and ta da….

For the rest of you, it is really simple. The first year of life is 15 human years. The second year is 9 human years. Every year after this equal 4 human years. Of course, I quickly calculated Cappy’s human age and found out he is really 40. Wow, just like that with the new calculator he lost two years. When he is 13, he will not be 91 but 68.

Wish we had a new age calculator.

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