Thursday, October 8, 2009

What if........

I swear my kids might put this on my grave stone one day. I have always been a what if person. In many cases, sadly s_________ happens.

What if I gain 50 pounds when I am old?
What if I can’t pay my bills?
What if my kids move away?
Annie/Ohio Jaime/NJ
What if I have to get glasses?
Happened at 45
What if I wreck the car?
August 2009
What if I get another boss?
About every three years
What if the dog gets fleas?
First long trip
What if I go gray?
Hello… I am 58
What if I lose my keys?
What if someone steals our identity?
What if the air conditioner breaks?
Current drama
What if I lose my phone and someone runs up our bill?
What if a hurricane hits?
About 8 in last 20 years
What if I go north and a blizzard hits.
Three times
What if I lose a kid on a field trip?
What if I lose my grades?
What if they cut my hair too short?
You look like Petunia Pig
What if the paint color is wrong?
Time to repaint
What if they order the wrong floor?
Happened twice
What if they charge me twice?
What if I get high cholesterol?
Topped out at 591
What if the bus breaks down?
At least 5 times in 25 years of teaching
What if the students throw up on bus?
Try chain reaction throw up, my favorite
What if I get lost at the Park?
Too many times to mention
What if the dog chokes on a bone?
$3000 vet bill
What if my bike gets stolen?
Happened three times
What if my car gets stolen?
Happened while we were on our honeymoon?
What if I my mom needs to live with us?
You Gotta Laugh


  1. What if you raise happy and healthy kids?
    You did that.
    What if you marry the love of your life?
    What if your life is filled with laughs and joy?

    Why not focus on all of the good what if's mom? Everybody has a list of bad stuff. It's not just you. :)

  2. What if you wake up every morning and take a breath of air?
    You're alive!

  3. It was just suppose to be funny. I know I am blessed you guys. Thanks for sharing.