Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Maybe it is because I am a non-conformist, or maybe it is because the nuns stifled my creativity in catholic school for so many years, but some mandates make me want to SCREAM. It is the little things I am sure that send us over the edge.

For the most part I embrace change, I learned how to use technology in the classroom. I learned how to do my plans on the computer and email them to the administration. I learned how to document on the computer, do referrals, use my text – book etc at mandated workshops. These were all positive things and this old dog was proud of herself when I mastered some programs like I photo, Inspiration, Comic Life and I know my students reap the rewards.

However, at present it is not enough we wear the same shirts, must follow the same lessons, same scope, same focus calendar but now we are suppose to use the exact vocabulary on the board.

For twenty-five years I have put a Reason to Read or RR on the board. I train the children what it means. Now, I must call it an ESSENTIAL QUESTION

My in-class plan is now called the AGENDA

My section formerly called class work now says OBJECTIVE

My Quiet time is now WARM UP

Thank goodness something stayed the same homework is still freakin’ homework.

Today, I PAINTED these words on the white board. I refuse to use their cards.


  1. Geeez! This is a national thing!
    The ESSENTIAL Question is now what we must have, plus we have to make sure that the objectives match the standards!! and every word you write in the plan matches the objectives...and the standards.
    Somewhere in a small room, in some building in Washington, DC sit a few people around a table brainstorming as to what new language is going to be adapted to the same old stuff!
    I laminated 100 different sheets and attached magnets to the back. I keep them in a file drawer all ordered to the standards. When I am working on that standard and goal for the week of two, I just pull it out and stick it on the board.
    If we have to put anything else on these boards, there won't be room for "the stuff that matters".
    Two more years....two more years....two more years....

  2. Been there done that, now they want us to translate state standards so that the children know what they mean. So the cards my Future Educators made, laminated and put magnets on two years ago are no longer good.